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Renewables are defined to be installations that harness energy, be it heat or electricity, from naturally replenish-able sources on a human timescale. While within this category comes tidal & wave power, we focus on the installs that are designed for domestic properties for obtaining hot water and electricity.

One of the most popular renewable installs found across the UK is Solar Photovoltaic panels, which generate electricity from the power of the sun. However, we also see Solar Thermal panels that heat water, Heat Pumps that use temperature differentials within the ground, water & air to generate heat, Biomass boilers that use sustainable crops to fuel central heating systems and Wind Turbines that use air movement to generate electricity.


Renewables are often one of the most confusing and least straight forward installs available for a domestic property. This is because there are quite a number of different options available and deciding which install to go for isn’t just a simple choice.

For example, should you go for Solar PV or Solar Thermal? Biomass or Heat Pump? This is why you need a trusted voice that can help you decide which renewable install would be the most suited to, not just your property, but also your lifestyle.

For years, we have been helping people choose the right renewable install by talking them through the every option and linking them with costs and potential benefits. Using our years of experience, we have been able to gather a network of recommended installers, who can suit your every need and install a fantastic renewable system at a great price.

All of our installer network are PAS2030 certified and MCS approved, so everything can be installed under the Green Deal / GDHIF schemes. If you would like a quote for a renewable install then please fill in the form on the right hand side of the page or give us a call on 0208 144 0897.

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how do we install renewables?


Fill in the form above or call us on 0208 144 0897.


We’ll have a chat through your current requirements and go through every renewable possibility that would suit you.


After deciding which renewable install/installs you wish to explore, we will send out one of our partners to quote.


Your renewable install will then be installed at your convenience.

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