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Solid Wall Insulation

Solid wall insulation is the single most energy efficient measure that you can install on your property. Around 35% of all heat loss from a domestic property is lost through the walls, so insulating this is crucial in order to reduce bills and increase comfort.

Adding EWI Pro’s solid wall insulation system can take an uninsulated property’s U-Value, or speed of heat transfer through an object, to 0.27W/m2k, which is below current building regulations. Not only do you benefit from a warmer, more comfortable home & lower heating bills but you also get a brand new re-rendered appearance in any colour you choose, which totally transforms and rejuvenates your property.

Solid Wall insulation

TheGreenAge offer a comprehensive solid wall insulation service, from the initial quote all the way through to the completion of works. Using EWI Pro, an incredibly durable and effective insulation system, we can increase the comfort of your home while dramatically reducing your energy bills – it just so happens your property will look great too with a brilliant rendered finish which you can have in any colour.

We have teamed up with Be Constructive, who have been installing external solid wall insulation throughout London for years. In our opinion they are the best in the business, and install solid wall insulation under both the Green Deal and GDHIF schemes, offering an industry leading 25 year warranty on installs.

Solid wall insulation can be costly, but via the Green Deal or the GDHIF schemes we can install the insulation at a fantastic price, taking the payback down (in terms of energy savings) to just a couple of years in some cases. There are so many properties in London that have old flaky render, so if you are contemplating re-rendering your home, give us a call and see if installing solid wall insulation could be a more attractive option.

External wall insulation is a fantastic solution, helping not only lower energy bills, but also improving the look of your home. For more information read the information and articles below or give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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How do we install solid wall insulation


Call us on 0208 144 0897, or drop an email to to arrange a free quotation.


You will receive the quote 24 hours after our visit, along with our customer brochure and some completed examples.


Once you are happy with the quotation, we organise the install date and collect the deposit.


Once the work has been carried out to your satisfaction, we provide you with the 25 year guarantee.

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